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Secondary School Tutoring

In-person tutoring

Dr Ship Tutoring focuses exclusively on one-to-one, private tutoring. We provide your child with a highly personalized tutoring experience that tailors instruction to your child's key strengths and weaknesses. Lessons move at your child's pace, and provide a safe environment for asking questions on difficult material.

We take pride in providing a unique tutoring experience to every student that come to us. Each student will be closely matched to the prefect tutor based on location, requirements and availability. Firstly, we will communicate with the parents or students to find out about their requirements via emails, phone or WhatsApp messaging. With these information, we will put you in touch with the tutor via WhatsApp group chat with the student/parent, tutor and Dr Ship.

Online tutoring from the comfort of your own your home

With online tutoring, learning can take place anytime and anywhere. You also have access to a larger pool of qualified tutors since location is not an issue for online tutoring.  Our experiences have served us well into believing that online tutoring is as good as in- person tutoring, especially in the current pandemic. Online tutoring is not a step-down in educational quality - through our experiences we have found that our online student outcomes are basically identical to what we have achieved through face-to-face instruction, and the students love it. They were born into these technologies and adopt them readily and effectively.


The Range Of Subjects Offered At MYP/IB/EB/A-Levels Include:

Small Group Tutoring (Around Antwerp)

Tutoring is also available in small group. At the moment, small group tutoring (up to 2 or 3 students) is possible around Antwerp only and for chemistry & math. Students can ask their friends/peers to join and learning can be more fun together. Dr Ship has a vast experience teaching small as well as large classes from her experience at the National University of Singapore. The tutoring can take place at one of the students' home or at the tutor’s home.

Math & Science Tutoring

Maths and sciences like chemistry, physics and biology are extremely challenging and present students with concepts that are both totally foreign and at times confusing. This is true for both the aspiring doctor and for the future English major who is only taking one of these subjects because it's a required part of the curriculum.

And, given the difficult nature of these subjects it's not surprising that private tutoring can have a significant and measurable impact on your child's academic performance. Classroom teachers face the nearly impossible task of tailoring instruction to all of the students in the room. If your child is falling behind in that environment, what he or she needs is the personalized attention that his or her teacher likely can't provide.

With as little as 2 hours a week, our tutor can help your child break difficult concepts into manageable pieces. Private tutoring can also provide your child the encouragement and discipline that are so essential to being prepared and feeling confident for that important test or final exam.

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