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  • How does a typical lesson like?
    For one to one tutoring, it will be individually tailored to the student's needs. Lessons can be face to face at student's/tutor's home or online. With online lessons, we will be using online tools such as Zoom, Skype, Hangout, Whatsapp or combination of these. Typically, the tutor would go through key points of a topic and provide a summary. They will go through questions (guided practice) which are appropriate to the level of the student. Practising questions are important to test the student's understanding of the topic. Where appropriate and if student's schedule permits, homework will also be assigned to the student. Students will also be taught the most effective and appropriate method to study the subject. Student who knows exactly what they need help in will be in a better position because the tutor can help in the subject areas the student is weak in.
  • How much is the fees and payments?
    Fees depend on whether it is one to one private tutoring or small group tutoring (for students around Antwerp). Usually, fees depend on a few factors such as which grade the student is in, subject & duration. Typically, a session is 2 hours duration. Feel free to email or call us for enquiry. At the beginning of each calendar month, Dr Ship Tutoring will send invoice for advance payment to the parents. Any unused sessions will be carried forward to the next month or refunded in case of no more lessons. Please call or email to enquire.
  • Will the pace of the lessons be suited to my child?
    The tutor will pitch the lesson level and pace according to the profile of the students. Those requiring more help will be given more targeted and appropriate coaching.
  • What are the tutors' credentials? And experience?
    The tutors are all highly qualified with at least a bachelor degree and some even with a higher degree e.g MSc or PhD. They are all personally interviewed and carefully selected. Please refer to about 'Myself' and 'Tutors' to find out more. Upon enquiries from the parents/student, I can provide the educational background and experience of the tutor concerned usually via the LinkIn platform. I will always follow up on the tutor after the first few lessons. In addition, I will also gather feedback from the parents or student on the tutor's teaching after the first lesson. This is to ensure that the tutoring goes smoothly unlike online tutoring and both parents & the student have a peace of mind.
  • Who are Dr Ship Tutoring clients?
    Students come from different international and european schools around Antwerp and Brussels. These include but not limited to; Antwerp International School, the European School of Mol, Scandinavian School of Brussels to name a few.
  • How many students are there in small group tutoring?
    Small group tutoring Is also possible at one of the students’ home. For instance, a tutor can teach 2 students (max 3 students) at the same time. Call to find out more.
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