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- We are the MYP/IB/EB/A-levels specialists in Belgium
- Our team of international tutors has Bachelors, Masters, or PhDs
- Offers both in-person tutoring & online tutoring 
- Customized 1-on-1 tutoring plan tailored to your specific academic needs

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Dr Ship Tutoring

Dr Ship Tutoring offers one-on-one private tutoring at your home or online. We are specialists in the MYP, IB, EB, A-levels and university coaching. We offer highly qualified & passionate tutors who have taught students from AIS, ISB, ES Mol, SSB, BIS to name a few.  Our mission is helping students achieve better results with our dedicated team of qualified tutors. All of our ex-students have obtained better grades with our tutoring services. We offer support in many IB/EB/A-level subjects e.g maths, physics, biology, chemistry as well as for university level report writing, thesis and coaching.

“Enna is very happy and proud. She got a 7! Thank you so much for all your efforts!”

- Sylvia via WhatsApp

The tutoring was great! Shyama is very good and I had a wonderful tutoring with her. Now it's up to me with the exam but I boosted my confidence which is important for the exam!”

- Federico

Meet Our Awesome Tutors

My name is Dr Ship, and I am a dedicated and passionate tutor with more than 10 years’ experience in teaching chemistry to a wide variety of students.


All of our tutors know your subject, inside and out and they did well on it. Now they'll show you how to do the same. 


"Hi, Vivek, I just want to keep you updated regarding

my dissertation's feedback. I got a distinction.

Best wishes, Giulio"

- Giulio

Good Grades

How it Works

First is your consultation, then we share our proposal for what we feel fits your needs. Next, we continue to communicate and offer feedback on your child’s progress. Learn more about our step-by-step process below.  



Consultation with parents via phone call, emails or whatsapp to work out the best solution for your child. We will talk to you at length to find out your needs and concerns. We next propose to you our solutions.



We will find the best tutor that fits your child’s need.  We will share with you the tutor’s profile via LinkIn or their CVs. We will discuss if online or in person tutoring is best for your child considering your location and preferences.



A whatsapp group with the parent, student, Dr Ship & the tutor will be set up. This is for easy communication between all parties and also for all communications about the tutoring.



We will use Whatsapp platform to follow up or update parents on the child’s progress at a regular basis.