15th April 2018

Why Private Home Tutoring is Still Better Than Online Tutoring

  •  Develop Stronger Connections - The key to a successful tutoring experience is a trusted relationship between the tutor and the student. A student who is comfortable and relaxed with a tutor will be more productive and see more progress. It is much easier to build a personal relationship in person than online. 

  • Requires Less Technology - In-home tutoring does not require any technology. All you need is a textbook, a pencil, and the desire to learn.

  • Easier to Focus - A disadvantage of online tutoring is that it’s almost too easy to get distracted. Between the internet, Facebook, social media, and an occasional text message, there are dozens of things that can steal the student’s “undivided” attention.

  • Verified Tutor Background - Not all online tutoring comes from a reputable source. A person may be thoroughly background checked and have a Ph.D., but that is not an indication of their character or teaching style. How can you tell from an online profile if a tutor will be a good fit for your student? You can’t. Before you make a choice, be sure your tutor has been interviewed in person.

  • Tutor Personality - Is your child’s tutor a good personality fit? In order to build a positive, trusting relationship, it is important that your tutor is sensitive, creative, and flexible to your student’s needs. These qualities are hard to distinguish from an online profile. But, when tutors are interviewed in person, I have the opportunity to get to know them.

Taken from the website "North Coast Education Services" 

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